"10,000 Men"

About: Plymouth Teaching PCT

(as the patient),

In January, 2009, I joined the ranks of those men who will die in the near future, in my view, needlessly from cancer that emanated from the Prostate gland.

My initial complaint to the Health centre involved was met with: 'Sorry about that, hope everything works out and that you receive the appropriate treatment.' I had written a letter of complaint to my surgery in Plymouth, because over the proceeding ten months I had seen four different doctors there; through 2008, with ever increasing pain in the the lower body and legs. It took a fifth doctor, at the same surgery, to examine me in January, 2009, for a possible Prostate problem which was confirmed four days later - too late as cancer had spread into the local skeleton and lower spine. My nerves leading to and in my feet were irrepairable damaged through 2008. (PSA 975, Gleeson 4+4).

In 2002, I believe that every GP was sent a Prostate Risk Management Pack. Six years on, when I needed the contents of that Pack, through 2008, it was not applied. The above story is by no means unique in playing a part in the avoidable 10,000 deaths (as outlined by the 10000 men charity) that were misdiagnosed over a similiar period of time at various surgeries in various Foundation Trusts around the UK. See www.10000men.org

My complaints to the British Medical Council and the Plymouth Health Trust met with the same tactic: 'Sorry to hear about your problems hope that you receive the appropriate treatment', and nothing more. Just what is the 'appropriate treatment' supposed to be when due to the fatal time lapse between bringing a medical problem to your local medical expert's attention and in my view their ineptitude in not responding quickly.

Just what kind of treatment is left? For myself and the other 9,999 men in my batch getting ready for departure, there was nothing left of a life-saving nature. We have had to endure female hormone treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy all of which, have in my experience caused horrendous side-effects, and lead to financial ruin and a slow death.

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