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"A dehumanising and depressing experience. Would..."

About: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

What could be improved

For a unit that is content to have BBC film 'Junior Doctors' onsite, Chelsea & Westminster A&E seems remarkably happy to display its shortcomings.

From start to finish the staff viewed the patients as irritating inconveniences. There was little warmth or interaction, with the doctors completely inaccessible and reception staff cold and disinterested. No one took any notice of the alcoholic passed out cold on the floor of the waiting room. The waiting room itself was filthy, with food debris, wrapping and papers scattered all over.

My injury is minor - a suspected broken finger - but to wait three hours in total, only getting an x-ray after two hours, and not getting to see a doctor at all to get and discuss the results of the x-ray, is unacceptable.

A truly awful experience which I never want to repeat.

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