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"Mostly great, but waiting space lacks facilities,..."

About: Sussex Orthopaedic NHS Treatment Centre

What I liked

I attended the centre for a pre operative check up and to discuss my forthcoming surgery. The clinical staff were courteous, focused on my treatment and listened carefully to my concerns and gave me clear information about my treatment.

What could be improved

I am unable to sit or stand for periods exceeding 3 to 5 minutes, and the reception staff were not at all proactive in helping me avoid severe pain. The waiting areas have sofas and arm chairs but no attempt was made by the reception staff to clear suitable furniture so I could recline. Clinical staff on the other hand worked very hard to ensure I was comfortable.

For most of the time, and for most tasks the reception and admin staff were attentive, competent and helpful, but for this one simple request they were completely unhelpful- they just stared at me blankly as if I'd requested the moon on a stick. I'm very surprised that an orthopedic centre who treat patients with back conditions like mine regularly cannot see their way to providing suitable waiting spaces. Given that I required special transport so I could lie down on my way in, which they organised, it strikes me as absurd that they couldn't provide a space for me to lie in waiting, and even when directly clear and politely asked for one, they were completely unable to help or even react- all they could do was stare, agog.

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