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"Day Surgery"

I was admitted to the Day Surgery Ward as a premier care patient. I arrived at 8am, I was advised that I was first on the list. I am then told that the equipment needed to my surgery was not available and I will have to wait, I was told that would be approx 1 hour. I was advised this at approx 9.30am, I was then taken down for surgery at 12:00. I was very surprised to hear that the equipment was not available, when it is obviously known beforehand what surgery is planned and what equipment is needed. The nurses were not very forthcoming wit information, when my Husband asked how long it was going to be, as I was getting very anxious doe to the extended wait, he was advised that "you will know when we know!" The room was comfortable and my Husband was able to stay with me. I did have to chase my lunch a couple of times, once I came back from surgery.

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