"Disappointed with Dewbsury and District Hospital"

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(as a relative),

My mother had her piles removed but when she returned home from the hospital she was in so much pain we had to call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived after 20 minutes and in my opinion then wasted approximately 45 more minutes in deciding whether or not she needed to be taken into hospital, even though she was clearly in a lot of pain.

When we arrived at the hospital I found the staff I saw inconsiderate and I thought that some of the staff who attended my mother didn't maintain the hygiene standards I think you should be able to expect. Furthermore due to my mothers pain i asked a nurse if they could provide us with a pillow for her to rest on but the nurse claimed that pillows were not available in the A&E ward. I thought this was bad, but the worst was yet to come.

My mother was then seen to by a junior surgeon who did not seem to take into account my mothers previous surgery. The junior surgeon then decided to take a blood test so inserted a cannula into her arm which they then forgot to remove on my mothers discharge.

After a 3 hour wait the staff came to an assumption that my mother needed constipation tablets and could return home. Due to it being so late i had to call my father to come collect us from the hospital, as my mother was in so much pain i thought it was best if she lay in the hospital bed until he arrived. I checked with the junior surgeon and he said it was fine for us to wait in the cubicle however the nurse in charge thought differently and disregarded the fact that my mother was unable to stand and told us to wait in the waiting room.

On our arrival at home my mother was violently vomiting and was still in a lot of pain. We managed to ease the pain till the morning. We then had to call the hospital regarding the cannula in my mothers arm. They sent a district nurse out to remove it who told us she was baffled at why my mother had been sent home in such a state as she also suffers from low blood pressure.

Over the course of the weekend we had two emergnecy doctors out to see my mother who both prescribed two sets of different tablets. Due to a lot of care and nursing from my sister and myself, my mother is a lot better, but I strongly feel that nobody deserves to be treated in this way.

It's my opinion that the staff who cared for my mother at Dewsbury hospital lacked professionalism and I felt they displayed no sympathy for my mother who was in pain. The NHS is there to provide care and at least a bit of consideration to those who are ill, I didn't feel my mother was extended this service. I cannot see the reason for not having pillows in an A&E ward, this just seems ridiculous. I think the hygiene standards in the parts of the accident and emergency department that I saw need a lot of attention as I was very disappointed when nurses examined my mother.

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