"Terrible experience and nurses who didn't seem to want to help"

About: Royal Oldham Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

In August last year I was admitted in the Royal Oldham Hospital with severe stomach pain. I was admitted and after the first day I got moved from one ward to a different one. They told me that the ward would only be temporary since it was for infections rather than anything else.

During the five days i was there in that ward i was in incredible pain which meant i was unable to lie down in bed. The sleeping pills and the morphine wouldn't numb the pain or make me sleep. I was unable to walk on my own and i was scared since all they did was put me there and check my temperature and blood pressure. Nothing else was done to try and find the cause of my problem.

The nights were the worst. I suffer from terrible nightfear which i told them and i would cry my way through the night, never falling asleep for longer than half an hour. One night after waiting for half an hour i rung for the nurse and after begging and arguing with the nurse, she said she would help me into the bathroom. She helped me up and then she walked off and i was in desperate need to go to the bathroom now and so i tried to move on after only a few steps the pain stabbed me and pushed me to the floor. I was moaning as loud as i could and the nurse opened the door to the bathroom and told me to hurry. I was shaking, my whole body was tensed and after a while she helped me back to the bed, without getting to go to the toilet. I got more morphine and she left me.

The night after the pain made my body so tensed that it made me have a nose bleed. I rung for the nurse and when she came she said she'd be right back so i waited.... and waited... and waited.... One and a half hours later she came for the night round and she found me as she had left me covered in blood in excrutiating pain but at this point I wasnt tensed any more, i was exhausted.

As the days went the pain dulled down a bit but i couldn't walk on my own still and the nurses didn't help me. I hadn't slept for the whole time i was there and i was starting to think i was going to lose my mind. The night came and i became very scared, so i crawled out in the hallway where it was light and i sat there on the floor for a while before i layed down. That time i slept for an hour. The nurses were standing next to me before i woke up from being uncomfortable, so i went into the bathroom and took up my phone. I called my boyfriend and i was crying my eyes out. I just wanted to go home.

I got better, not in so much pain and i could do everything on my own again. They said they were gonna discharge me, so i packed everything and got ready to go home, as my boyfriend came we were just waiting for them to say it was ok and they said no. My whole world shattered and i was forced to discharge myself. I could not handle another sleepless night with those nurses.

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