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"Good place, some great staff, still..."

About: Royal Preston Hospital

What I liked

The frendlyness of the staff - even though the NHS put so much pressure on them !

What could be improved

Whilst we awaited the birth of our daughter, the staff where very courteous on the ward, The only problem was the timescale from waiting on the ward to going up to delivery suite.

We had been told the delivery suite was busy, well when we went up eventually not all the rooms where in use, no wonder they where busy, utilisation vs productivity !

If the resources where used then productivity would increase ! = less disgruntled customers.

lets face it the NHS is a business, if this business was private they would have been out of business years ago the way its run.

This is no reflection on the satf who work within the hospital, the staff we dealt with in maternity where superb, just as they where with our last child - the rest of the hospital should take a few lessons from maternity on how to deal with its customers !

Make the waiting times in both maternity day patients and for the DS less, you have to realise you can only see so many people in a day, up the staff level if you continously over run.

Anything else?

Out of all the experiances over the years with this hospital, I can honestly say that maternity far outweighs the other departments I have used for overall experiance.

e.g. today, I have problem that needs to be looked at in a hospital, I called A+E for a waiting time, no need to be over crowding an allready busy department, so a quick call, to be told, " we dont give out waiting times, just you will be seen within 4 hours" ?

Im blind in one eye, yes I have another, Its not life threatening (i dont think) but I really have no desire to sit in a waiting room for 4 hours for an eye problem, I think I will try Chorley.

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