"My experience of giving birth at Lewisham Hospital"

About: University Hospital Lewisham / Maternity care

(as the patient),

I was 17 years old when I had my baby. When I had my contractions and my boyfriend told a couple of nurses that I'm having my contractions they started laughing, in a way which seemed to indicate that they questioned whether I was even sure that I was having my contractions!

They left me and my boyfriend in a room for 2 hours monitoring me about my contractions and no one came to check me. After 2 long hours a nurse came in and checked how many cm I was dilated and she was so rough that I had to tell her she was hurting me. She left the room and never came back.

Then me and my boyfriend walked out and went to the reception and a nurse said to lie on the bed to rest and when my water did break,another nurse came in with a wheelchair waiting for me. I was so paralysed that I couldnt walk that she kept huffing and kept telling me to hurry up which was so rude.

I had such a bad experience at Lewisham Hospital that I said to my families and friends that when I have another baby that I'm never going back to that place.

When laying on the bed to give birth to my baby, the midwife didn't have any gloves on and I could have caught an infection :/ she was being really rude, she even walked out of the room and left my boyfriend telling me to push.

After I had my baby, they wheeled me to the maternity ward and didn't come and check me or my baby but 1 day after I gave birth a doctor came and checked me. She was really nice and spoke nicely to me and my boyfriend.

Then when I was in the hospital for 2 days, my boyfriend went and asked the receptionist could I go home. She came with my boyfriend and said to me that she heard that I was having problems breastfeeding my baby, I laughed and said not at all. I thought this was really cheeky - they didn't come and check how me and my baby were doing and then when i was meant to go home they said no and that I was having problems.

Shouldn't it have been my decision if i wanted to go home or not?

Me, my boyfriend and his family had so many problems withthe hospital, not as in arguing or anything but the nurses gave me the impression they didn't enjoy their jobs and I felt that some of them were lazy.

Another thing - for my 5 month scan, I had a nurse who I found really really rude. She was proding my belly with her long nails, she even made me bleed where she scratched me and then she said to me to jump around and drink coke so that the baby would move and so that she could look at my baby's sex. When she couldnt, she said to me to come next time to have an internal scan but the way she was treating me, I asked her if I would have her, she said yes so I turned around and said no.

My experience has lead to me feeling very put off by Lewisham hospital.

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