"the discovery of trophoblastic tumours in my daughter"

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(as a relative),

My daughter fell pregnant and had a scan at 10 weeks at the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth. They couldnt get accurate measurements and asked her to come back 2 weeks later, which she did, only to discover the babys heart had stopped. She had to wait a whole week before the decision was made to remove the foetus. 2 weeks after the procedure she had a letter asking her to call back the gynae unit for an appointment.

In the meantime she had a letter from the trophoblastic tumour dept at Charing Cross hospital, saying they were going to send her a kit for blood and urine tests!! No explanation or details about what trophoblastic tumours were, just a brief note that put the fear of God into her. She went to the James Paget and had a 2 minute appointment with a consultant there who just told her that this kit would be arriving from Charing Cross soon and to take it to our GP.

The kit (2 tiny test tubes) arrived and she took it to our GP surgery to get an appointment with the nurse. We discovered that the James Paget hadn't even informed our GP that my daughter had lost the baby - they thought she was still pregnant!

My daughter explained about the test kit from Charing Cross and was asked to bring it in to the surgery where the staff we saw said they'd never seen anything like it. Apparently the test tubes were too small for 10ml of blood and we were told that they couldn't take any samples from her without the right paperwork or information from our James Paget hospital, who we feel have been incompetent or is it the Charing Cross Hospital? My poor daughter just lost her dad to small cell lung cancer in April and all this is really upsetting for her.

I am livid at such incompetence and lack of interest in something that could prove to be very serious...or even fatal. I'm hoping that Charing Cross will get in touch with James Paget Hospital, who in turn,will finally tell our GP exactly what the heck is going on and tell my daughter what she is meant to do with undersize test tubes. The severe lack of information is ridiculous. If these tumours aren't monitored closely and dealt with quickly I believe they could turn cancerous...if they havent already.

I await a rapid response from Charing Cross who are waiting for these samples to test as I write this. I think someone needs their backside kicked over this matter

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