"Patient Communication"

About: Barnsley PCT

(as the patient),

I was sent an appointment by post for 'Surgery' at the Acute Hospital, asked what this meant, what were they going to cut off, cut out?

Asked at Booking Office, no knowledge, asked at GP Surgery, no knowledge, 'we will get back to you' I was told.

Eventually find out it is a screening procedure, not 'Surgery'. As I was unsure of the 'Surgery' I cancelled the appointment.

I was then sent another letter with a date that was not suitable so I postponed it, I am self employed and if I don't work, I don't get paid.

I then called the Booking Office asking for another date, 'You will have to go back to the GP to get another appointment as you are now a DNA (Did Not Attend). So I have to take a day off to see a busy GP to get another appointment for something that has already been identified and processed in the system, then take another day off to see the Surgeon.

The first appointment with the Surgeon was to 'explain' what screening is, then have to take another day off to have the screening, then have to have another appointment to have the results explained. I feel this is very inefficient!

I asked at the GP Surgery for a Choose & Book choice of appointment in this process as it was not offered. I also asked for online access to my medical records from the GP, and I'm told this is not possible. It seems to me they cannot have read the white Paper 'No Decision About Me Without Me?'.

The staff at this practice did not seem to know that you are able in EMIS LV & PCS to access your full Primary Care Record online using PAERS - Patient Access to Electronic Records. Why does the NHS not use the existing functionality?

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