"Lack of compassion and empathy in nursing"

(as a staff member),

I am a final year student nurse, finishing next week! I am so shock to see the lack of compassion and empathy from some nurses to patients. According to my elderly patients nurses used to be more caring, so I don't know what is happening. I think there is a major issue in the wards when nurses from the same country start to speak in their own language in front of patients, I have even heard nurses giving handover in their own language!...this is a country were the main language is English so I think we need to be professionals and even though I am a foreigner myself I always think in my patients and how they will feel if my nurse were talking at my bed side in their language.

I am so sad to find that nursing in the UK is not what I thought, and yes I have encountered very good and excellent nurses, role models to follow....but unfortunately it seems to me that they are very few. I think that before accepting someone in a nursing training they should be assess in compassion and though out the course students should be assess as well. Also when a nurse applies for a job the manager should be the one making sure that the person they are taking on board is compassionate, and also they should be assess to select the right candidate. I wish someone can follow those issues, nursing is such a beautiful profession. It is a shame that some of the nurses do not seem to enjoy the work they do.

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