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(as the patient),

I was taken ill with pre -eclampsia in the later stages of my pregnancy in September 2010, put on the triage ward for the night to be 'observed' every 4 hours. I was 'observed' twice in the entire time I was there, and I discharged myself.

I was told to do a 24 hour urine collection. I handed it in and went back for my results. I was informed that they had lost a giant bottle of urine between that ward and the lab which as far as I am aware is just downstairs, so they made me do another one. I went back for the results, still no results.. and when I went back again, they had miraculously found the 1st collection!

They confirmed to me that I had pre-eclampsia and that they wanted to start inducing me (at the start of september). Late on the night my induction was booked, I was taken to the delivery suite to have my first induction. The delivery suite were fantastic, I couldn't fault it.

My partner was kicked out when I was sent back to the triage ward despite the fact my contractions had started. I was pacing the halls in agony all night, not offered any pain relief because as far as I was aware there was no midwife on the ward what so ever. I saw women giving birth on the triage ward assisted by other patients because the midwives were not available.

One midwife who did eventually turn up shouted at another patient when she told her she needed to push - she said it wasn't that bad, told her to stop crying and that she didn't need to push. The midwife took her gas and air away from her, gave it to another patient and then she left, regardless of the fact the poor woman was pushing her buzzer!

20 minutes later the lady's baby was born, she was assisted by two other patients and as far as I know she received no pain relief.

I eventually had my son via c section in mid September, after alot of begging and pleading with my consultant. He told me he would approve the section because I had been 'very patient'. I had no choice really, I was contracting, but not dilating, and not once was I offered pain relief.

I found the post natal ward awful. I was expected to know everything about parenting, and when I asked a question I felt like they treated me like I was a burden because they had to show me what to do or answer my question.

I will definitely not be going back to Lister to have my 2nd. It took me 6 months to get over that experience.

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