"My best friend was misdiagnosed RBH"

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(as a friend),

My friend had the luckiest and worst adventure recently. It almost cost her life.

She was diagnosed with a heart tumor which is awfully rare but the doctors at Bournemouth Royal Hospital insisted this would b fatal repeatedly. Also they mentioned 50-50% chance of survival. Is that what you expect from a doctor? Some other doctors were punctual (at least with numbers) and talked about 90% and so on.

Later it turned out that, as I understand it, they didn't even used their CT right! In my view they used the improper examination procedures, which I think could have harmed my friend on the examination table. Their last sentence after exams was "would you like a cup of tea?” I think this is simply outrageous! Is this what you ask someone you just told might die?

I felt that during my friend’s experience with this hospital, many of the doctors were imprecise, changed opinions very often and failed to explain what really they think or is going on.

Needless to say it wasn't a heart tumor. Thanks to the professionals in Southampton they removed the embryonic tissue without even touching her heart. Kudos to them, I think they saved her life. The operating surgeon was spot on didn't make it complicated: it is in the way, needs to be taken out!

Later I learned that a heart tumor is worth a book on its own. Yes it's *that* rare.

After the operation she started to get well and healed up nicely. Of course there was a little turmoil since it wasn't a tumor neither a heart issue so she belonged to nowhere. Later Southampton called her back to check if everything is fine. Yes it was.

She was called back to BRH for cardiac rehabilitation assessment which I think was due to a high level of bureaucracy. It was clearly written on the paper: "just 30 minutes, bring loose clothes as you will walk for 15 minutes". Well not quite! She had to run for 10 minutes. She felt tortured and they pressed and pulled her ribs all the way! She still felt unwell 2 hours later.

Whenever she went to BRH she came out feEL humiliated, degraded or tortured! It Is Not Acceptable!

Oh and did I mention that second time she went for a CT at BRH examination about 10 doctors were gathered around - and only two of them were cardiologists - like if she were a performing monkey? Right after that they shouted their opinion behind closed doors but right next to her about how hopeless her case is. I think this was extremely rude and inhuman! I feel I treat my dog better than they did my friend.

She is lucky: her heart is fine and the embryonic "ball" was removed. She is also unlucky: she had to suffer a lot with no reason.

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