"I suffer from nerve problems which debilitate me and I’m only young."

About: Bolton PCT

(as the patient),

I would like to express how distressed i am about stonehill medical centre, farnworth at dealing with an on going problem.

In Nov 2010 i suffered my 1st panic attack, soon after leaving my previous doctor. i joined stonehill and this was the beginning of what I would say was a 6 month nightmare. The doctor that i was under seemed to go out of their way to prevent my problem from being investigated. To me it felt like they were obsessed about having me see someone to, in their words, "assess my mental state". They kept on and on. Eventually they had to investigate and it was found that my thyroid, iron, and vitamin b 12 levels were low.

I continued to take thyroid and iron, within 5 weeks my levels were back to normal, but i still didn’t feel right. When i went back to my doctor, again they tried to persuade me to seek help.

I had already been distressed about what was happening to me and my experiences were causing me to believe that the doctor had no interest in helping me other than assessing my mental state. i went to another doctor who scheduled for me to have vitamin b 12 injections. The injections were fine after two, but the third one caused problems with one of my arms. i would get a fast rush of nerves down my arms right to my fingers and then i would suffer spasms, which happened every day. i would fall down to the floor with pain and couldn’t feel my arms.

When i went to my fourth section i made the nurse who administered the injection aware of my concerns and was told that they only administer the injections and didn’t want to discuss anything else. The nurse then persisted to administer the injection into my right arm - which i didn’t have a problem with.

In a matter of days the spasms went to the right arm. When i went back to surgery i was greeted with a cold reception from the receptionists I saw, I even felt that one of them became insulting which I think was because they were tired of my presence there most days.

I6 months on i suffer from nerve problems which debilitates me from doing most things and I’m only young. I am so disappointed and distressed. I am even concerned that the nurse had put something in the needle which caused this, there was a brown stuff they used to dilute the cobain h medication. Its 6 months on and I’m suffering with my nerves. i cannot do half the things i used to do and I’m so concerned. I’m only young.

I was recently hospitalised for an inflammation on my gut which I feel had been caused by this problem, but when I have been to Stonehill for help, the staff have either tried to put me off seeing a doctor or when I have seen a doctor, they have filled me with no reassurances and I’m sent home having to deal with the problem and fearful of waking up the next day with another problem.

I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice. I am so concerned, distressed and disappointed with how i have been treated and left to solve it myself.. my whole dignity has taken a beating because I’m so independent and now i have to beg people to help me. i cant even do any gardening without my nerves kicking in.

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