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About: Bradford Royal Infirmary

What I liked

Some individuals on the stroke ward were excellent

What could be improved

I was disappointed that the A and E department did not comply with national guidelines and carry out a brain scan when a family member went to A and E having a stroke. The scan was not performed for over two days and she was not given any medical treatment until 3 days after admission - by which time it was too late to minimise the effects of a stroke. She lost speech entirely and is gradually regaining communication skills with speech therapy. So much for the act F.A.S.T. campaign on TV. I have complained and hope to recieve a reply via PALS but if you or someone you care about has a stroke my advice is to check if the hospital will scan you within 1 hour - the time given in national guidance as being critical for effective treatment to minimise brain damage. Complain if you don't get the treatment you deserve - it may make a difference to others.

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