"My stay at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital"

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(as the patient),

I had pains in my right-hand groin area, and my GP identified it as a diseased appendix. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance, whom were very good and quickly hooked me up with intravenous drugs to quash the pain I was in.

I was left out in the hall when I arrived at the hospital for about fifteen minutes and was then wheeled into a curtained area where I was eventually seen by a doctor. They decided that I would have to wait until the next morning to have an ultrasound and discover if it really was an appendix, because I had not been vomiting or with a stomach upset.

I was moved a total of four times in 24 hours and was eventually put on a ward with five older ladies, whereas I myself was only twenty-one.

I had my ultrasound and the lady who did it confirmed it definitly looked like a diseased appendix, so expecting to have surgery, I was wheeled back to my ward where the doctors came round and said because I was hungry (at that point I had not eaten in 48 hours) it couldn't be an appendix so they would wait.

By Wednesday morning (no food for over 90 hours) they decided to operate, but spent over three hours trying to find a vein in my arm for the needle (JAB JAB JAB!)

I was finally operated on and wheeled back to the ward. It was high summer by this point and the ward was stifling hot with no aircon or fans or open windows. I asked for the windows to be opened but they refused because the lady by the window was constantly cold.

Overall, the nurses were AMAZING and totally uncredited, but in my opinion the doctors were rather lacklustre.

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