"The nurses "

About: Queen's Hospital (Romford)

(as the patient),

I recently got put into hospital in April 2011 and I came out of hospital 6 days later.

I stayed in Queens Hospital in Romford on ward Amber B. I’d like to complain as I feel it was such a terrible time.

Many of the nurses were agency nurses and I found a lot of the ones who treated me terrible. For example they got me out of bed and put me onto the chair, they put my alarm on the other side of the bed where I couldn't reach it. For half an hour I shouted for a nurse and no one came, even though I could see that there was at least 4 nurses at the desk.

Half an hour later of calling, a patient came along and I asked him to get a nurse. He called a nurse and she said she would be with me within 2 minutes. Another half an hour later a different nurse walked in. I waited an hour for some medication and I was in so much agony.

Another example was that I was on ice therapy and I needed ice on my foot all day everyday until I had my operation but the operation had to be cancelled on a number of occasions because the swelling never went down. The nurses barely changed my ice bag and on one occasion it took them 6 hours to come along and change it. When I asked a nurse why they wouldn't hurry up, they said I was less priority, even though if I never had this operation it could be dangerous.

Another example was I accidentally tipped the bedpan over as they only gave me the paper bit of the bed pan and not the plastic holder. I was stuck in a soaking wet bed for half an hour. I pressed the alarm and I shouted and know one came for half an hour.

I felt some of the nurses were rude to me, on occasions it seemed to take them forever to get my medication. I witnessed some of the nurses being rude to other patients, I saw some nurses get the patients out of the bed and leave them sitting in a chair all day with nothing to do as some of them were rushed in and never had a chance to collect their items. I very rarely had a nurse come in and check on me etc. Some of the nurses were noisy at night time, laughing and shouting.

Some of the porters were bad too as I broke my ankle and one porter kept bashing me into every door going.

When the alarms were going off, I saw some nurses at the desk just look up and carry on talking. It seemed they were just ignoring the alarms. A lot of the nurses I saw seemed to take their time to get to the patients. I certainly felt a lot of the time like many of the nurses showed no sympathy and spoke rudely to me.

Also I think the visiting times are terrible. They were 3-5 then 5-7.30. I’m not even 20 yet and I’ve never been in hospital before.I had my operation and my mum couldn't come with me and she couldn't stay after my operation because of the times. I was so scared but I felt that the nurses I spoke to showed no sympathy and just let me get on with it.

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