"A&E at Darent Valley, I'm never going back. "

About: Darent Valley Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

I have literally just come back in from the hospital and am so annoyed. I feel I have to write this. I never complain about anything.

I found the doctor absolutely terrible after hours of waiting to be seen. Felt like I’d had an allergic reaction to something, had lumps on the back of my tongue and my chest was getting tight and couldn't breathe properly. Went in, was seen by two nurses who were ok and said was either an allergic reaction or bad tonsillitis. Gave me a drip of Steroids and was told to sit and wait for a doctor.

While waiting I felt as though I was going to pass out, my mum went and got the nurse and she told my mum to take me to a bed which she just pointed to around the corner and didn't bother to check to see if I was ok.

Luckily my breathing was getting better (must have been the steroids helping) but had to wait 3hours 45mins before I saw a doctor. While the doctor was seeing another patient, they left the patient in the room whilst they went to the toilet and as they walked past me they asked who I was waiting for! I would have thought it was a bit obvious I was waiting for them as I had a drip in my arm and hadn't seen anyone apart from the two nurses at the start!

Anyway I got called in and the first question was 'Why had I bought members of my family with me?' (they only came as they were worried about my breathing) and was I having a baby. I said no and the doctor’s reply was 'Well, when you do are you going to bring it aswell?' I couldn't believe the rudeness of the doctor. They checked my throat and said nothing was wrong with it and to go home even though I told them although the steroids had helped I could still feel it was closed up a little. They then told my mum to come over, shone the torch in my throat and said to her 'You have a look'! I couldn't believe this and my mum replied that she was not a doctor.

The doctor was then saying to me “What do you want me to do?” I just said to them that all I want is my breathing and throat back to normal and it wasn't yet. I asked if it had 100% been an allergic reaction and the doctor’s answer was 'How do I know as I wasn't there when you drunk the squash that caused it?' I replied to them how did they know anything about any patient as the doctor is never there when something is wrong and that is why they go to the hospital in the first place to find out what is wrong.

I told the doctor I found them really rude (I’m never outspoken like this either) and it was only when my mum explained to the doctor that I had asthma and something wasn’t right that they gave me a course of Steroids.

As I stood up I hadn't realised and neither had anyone else that I had a rash around my neck and all they doctor said to my mum was 'What is that?' We replied we didn't know. The doctor gave me the prescription and sent me on my way.

I couldn't believe what care I had received at Darent valley, when I was only worried and have never ever been before to A&E so late and would never call someone in the night to come and get me unless I really thought something was wrong. I explained to the doctor that I know my own body when something isn't right and got treated like that. I found this whole experience utterly disgusting and I will not go back.

My family feel the same as well.

I've actually come home, I’m going to give it a few more hours and if my breathing or throat gets worse, I will try another hospital.

Another thing I've just remembered – on the bed I went and laid on, the sheet had two stains of dried blood on it and it was only that I felt so rough and was fully clothed that I laid on it otherwise I would not have touched it at all. As soon as I started feeling better I sat up. The parts of the hospital that I saw were not clean either.

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