"Hopefully I'll be dead soon"

About: Avon And Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

AWP don't value honesty. in fact, they often try to hide the truth, with disastrous results. I was already aware of this, but made doubly so by the little list of reviews they 'won't accept' on this site.

firstly, the switchboard is an absolute joke, you have to ring about 10 billion times before you get the benefit of a rude switchboard operator, again and again. repeatedly having to give your date of birth to the same inept person who can't remember 6 digits, despite your having spoken to them many times.

when you eventually get through to a member of staff when you're suicidal, they refuse to offer you the basic dignity of being treated like an adult. proceeding to talk to you like a child and telling you to go for a walk/ bake a cake/ draw a picture etc. why can't anyone even just try and have a normal adult conversation with you, without any of these childish, unhelpful prompts I'll never know.

even though it states in my care plan that visits are helpful and important in a crisis, when I would phone in a crisis, no one would ever, ever come. I was always just barked at like a child 'you need to learn to take responsibility for yourself'. the only reason that I could see that they'd put down that I need visits in a crisis, was clearly to make themselves look kind and helpful, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth and I was left to die on many occasions.

AWP are also trying to perform a 'force discharge' on me when I've spent this last year feeling more suicidal than I ever have done in my whole life. I am hanging on by such a thread, that as soon as this tiny piece of support is removed, I will end up killing myself.

don't bother telling me to 'email PALS' I have done so many times before, and found it a pathetic waste of time, where nothing is done except offer up lies as fragile 'excuses' for terrifically poor treatment. hence why I am not willing to do so now.

I'm hoping I will be dead soon, and then this whole sorry affair will be over.

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