"Painful hysteroscopy"

About: North Middlesex Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

I also had a painful hysteroscopy around 18 months ago at the North Middlesex hospital. It had been suggested in my appointment letter that I take paracetamol before the procedure, but I forgot. No pain relief was offered.

I found the process increasingly painful as it continued (I had a biopsy) and was offered little sympathy when I made this fact known. I was told that most women supported the procedure well, which made me feel like a wimp.

 Immediately after the procedure I fainted and was taken to an adjoining room to recover. A nurse quickly checked on me, what seemed around 15 mins. later. I told them that I felt clammy and faint, but was left again and no sympathy shown.

Eventually, when I did start to feel less faint and felt that I could drive myself home, despite severe cramping, there was no-one around. I simply walked out of the hospital. I was shocked by the whole experience, including lack of communication and care and will never set foot in that hospital again.

The whole thing was made worse by the fact that two people ( I assume nurses) stood a few feet behind the doctor, staring between my legs during the procedure, and a couple of other people ( I assumed student doctors) were chatting softly between themselves at the other end of the room, but turned to me and smirked when I asked the doctor how much longer they were going to be. I felt there was total disrespect.

The room had plastic on the floor and a bucket below the stirrups.

I wish there had been more communication about what to expect and pain relief options offered. I have since discovered that many other women have found this procedure a bad experience and I wish I had complained to the hospital. I didn't as was made to feel everyone else was fine.

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