"Mixed experiences of maternity care at Royal London Hospital"

About: The Royal London Hospital / Maternity

(as the patient),

I had two elective c-sections here, and the surgery side has always been excellent.

The antenatal care is not, however. The nurses don't seem to have a particularly caring attitude. Every night I was there, patients were on the phone at various points between 10pm and 6am. This is ridiculous, and not a single night nurse said anything of their own accord.

When I complained, all the nurse did was ask her to speak more quietly! Also, it was unhealthily hot in there, my baby was bright red and I couldn't sleep even though I was wearing next to nothing. None of them thought to open a window and it was only the actions of my insistent husband that ended up with me having a private room where I could open the windows to my heart's content.

I realise these things probably sound petty but it underlies a pretty serious issue of nurses with seemingly no initiative. I never saw the same nurse twice, they were all agency staff. This would be fine if there was an exemplary sister at the top who had high standards and expected all staff to achieve them, even if they were only there for one shift.

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