"My experiences in Peterborough City Hospital (previously Edith Cavell)"

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(as the patient),

I was in Peterborough City Hospital when it was Edith Cavell (last year) for a 2 hour op on my shoulder.

When I was ready for discharge there was no pain medication or discharge letter ready. I was told if I could wait another hour it would be available, however I could not as my lift was waiting. I was told therefore to go to my GP for medication - this was late on a Friday with no surgery until the next Monday. The senior member of staff on shift seemed distracted and uninterested in supervising their admin staff.

On Monday I noticed one side of my face had sunk in just under the cheek bone and there were (and still are) deep lines around my mouth on that side with two scar like marks. I am told this is where the anaesthetic tube was taped to my face. It seems to me that this was done with no care. I note in support that over 30 years ago I underwent a 5 hr-plus op in Sydney Australia and suffered no pain or trauma or lines on my face. To date I have spent £60 on face treatments but with only a little improvement and lines clearly visible.

Second time in Peterborough City Hospital (this time the new one) for a gastroscopy. I had the spray anaesthetic and the tube was inserted. My body straightened (naturally) as I retched. Each time the nurse pushed my head forward and into the pillow.

When I came out of recovery 20 minutes after the procedure, my face was bright red and swollen from the eyes (one had blood in the corner) to the chin. This took overall 5 days to improve. I visited my GP and he was surprised at my account of the treatment but said that it would disappear eventually.

I am appalled at the way these nurses acted. Yes they may do the same thing over and over but it feels to me that they did not take adequate care of me. Doctors take an oath, part of which is to first do no harm, I feel that the same should apply to nurses too.

I feel that patient trust has been forfeited in my case after my experiences in England. It's my belief that before making any sweeping changes the NHS should concentrate on what I feel is being lost in nurse competence/care. I doubt there is anything I can do to have my case rectified but I think there should be.

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