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"Both babies born here"

About: Birmingham Women's Hospital / Maternity care

I had my first son here in Nov 2015 and wasn't best pleased with the induction process but had no choice but to go ahead with it, so I let nature take its course. It never worked ! So I had to have an emergency c section. I was told a doctor will come ans get the papers signed once free which was 3am in the morning which I was woken up for. Which again totally understand as they were busy. C section surgeon was amazing, v professional and the whole team wer amazing. Couldn't fault them. The aftercare was very good but the fact I has to stay nearly 2 weeks wasn't !. As my baby was severely jaundice. My second baby May 2017, again had to be induced and again same thing waited two days to no avail. Had numerous nurses come to see if any dilation and absolutely nothing just excruciating pain when their hands went up ! . So declined after the 5th one !. Again had to have a C section however this time I knew this the day before and they had stated they will fit me in by morning only to find soo many women coming in for c sections and waiting in the waiting area opp my bed. I had not eaten since 7pm the night before and waited patiently. And waited and finally at 11:30pm got taken in for my c section ! Absolutely starving that the surgeon offered me his dinner. I kindly declined and stated I'm sure u have a long shift and need it more then me. Finally my baby girl arrived !. After care seemed ok. Until I got taken to the ward. Staff loved to talk v loud at night when trying to get some sleep !. And like to get rid of people quickly ! Which I understand they need the beds but shouldn't b rushing people. Some

Of the nurses were very polite and could clearly see they had a lot on. My experience with my first baby was a lot better as soon as I pressed the buzzer the nurse came ( only pressed this when I couldn't move , just after c section and needed a hand getting baby out of crib or putting back in) nurses were with me straight away. However with my daughter had to leave her crying and crying because no one would come for ages ! Felt soo awful and helpless for my newborn. It was very hot in the ward and they couldn't open the windows ! I nearly fainted the one day . They brought a fan in which helped a little. The heating was on and the nurses said they couldn't switch it off and had to ring someone and that they had done so twice but still women looked like they wer going to pass out . Felt they could of done more about this. This time round had to keep going to the desk for anything to happen as nurses wer soo scarce . Just wanted to go home !. Feel they have a lot of work on and shows with the way they speak / actions. Just hope it's improved now !. Other then that a good experience

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