"paramedics were brilliant, but i was disappointed by the hospital staff i encountered"

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(as the patient),

the paramedics who brought me to hospital were fantastic, 120% professional.

its a shame they brought me to this hospital, which i have found to be dirty and the staff who treated me were some of the worst medical staff i have ever experienced.

i was admitted to hospital by a doctor who unfortunately went home. it seemed to me that i had had a heart attack. he said it was unlikely but he would have to rule it out and investigate any other causes. he ordered a chest x-ray, an injection a Trop-t test to be done 12 hrs after the event. the doctor went home and unfortunately i was discharged by a rude consultant. he made insulting remarks saying that i had not had a heart attack therefore he was discharging me, saying that the doctor i had seen before was straight out of med school and that he had 20 years experience and even questioned why i came to the A+E department in the first place. i found his manner disgusting, rude and very offensive. I felt he was arrogant, and he never even asked me how i was feeling or examined me in any way.

to be spoken to in this way by a doctor is outrageous! i was brought in by ambulance, how dare he ask why i chose to come here, i didnt get a choice!

i was refused a second opinion even by a less senior doctor. i was not given any idea what had occured to me at all and they only tested me for a heart attack then discharged me.

after my experiene, i feel sorry for anyone who has no other choice than to go to this hospital. i found it disgusting, the toilets were not cleaned in over 4 hours.

i have been mis diagnosed in this hospital before on one occasion. i had to be brought back in an ambulance 3-4 days after a doctor had told me there was nothing wrong with me in minors. to be seen by a doctor who was very thorough and diagnosed me with feacal inpactation. (a condition which could have led to bowel perforation and possibly lead to death by septesemia).

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