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(as the patient),

I have long term problems with relatively severe atopic eczema and have been referred to Salford Royal on a couple of occasions and usually have an excellent experience with the same doctor each time. As my condition varies a great deal between appointments and is very much a long term experimental process it is vital that my patient history is known. In my previous appointment when my condition was much worse I was given the option of two different long term treatments and this appointment was for me to discuss them a bit more and make my decision.

Unfortunately the doctor I encountered on this occasion was less than helpful. He didn't seem to be aware of any of things I had been offered or any of my history, which isn't unusual going by past experiences. However when I explained the situation he didn't seem to believe me and was constantly downplaying my experiences. My condition wasn't as bad at the time but I brought along some photos on my phone which I showed him. He then proceeded to explain all the eczema basics which I've heard many times before and told me that the treatments that were offered to me on the previous appointment were not suitable.

I understand that eczema isn't an exact science and that each doctor has a different way of dealing with a patients concerns. I would describe this doctors approach as very 'old school' and certainly not a believer in the placebo effect. However surely there should be a system in place to ensure that a doctor is aware of past treatments.

As I said before, my experience at Salford Royal is usually excellent (I have visited dermo departments in several places). But this one experience put me off going back for quite a while as I was made to feel that my condition wasn't bad enough to warrant it (a decision I later lived to regret).

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