"Is money saving more important than life?"

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(as a relative),

My mum has been having symptoms of being sick, headaches, losing her balance, shaking and inability to walk for the last year. Due to her not being able to move properly we have had to keep calling out the doctor. The whole family suspected a brain tumour, but the doctors said no. We have had 4 different doctors come to the house and all have given different reasons, but none of them would listen to us when we said we think its a brain tumour. I literally begged them to give her an fMRI scan 6 months ago, yet they said the cost of an fMRI scan is £2500 and there is no point because it definately is not a tumour. The most they did for her was give her physiotherapy because they believed she has 'a trapped nerve at the back of her neck which is causing all the symptoms'.

Then, just over a week ago, a doctor came to the house and said that it could be a brain tumour! After her suffering for the past year. To be fair to him he got her pushed up the list for an fMRI scan, which she had a few days ago, and low and behold... A brain tumour was found in her cerebellum. I have never felt so let down by the people who are suppose to be there to help. Why wouldn't they listen to us? Why can 4 doctors who have all had years of training not see what we could see? How could they not see the obvious? Why wouldn't they send her for an fMRI scan sooner?

If they would have been honest and said yes, there is even a slight possibility it is a tumour, but we're not going to send her for an fMRI scan because it costs a lot of money, then without a doubt I would have found that money to send her for one privately. I'm a student, so I don't have a lot of money, but my mothers health is more important to me than any amount of money. But I didn't do that because the doctors were adamant that it was not a tumour, and you tend to trust their judgement because... they're doctors.

The one thing I have learned from this experience is that I need to get a decent job after I graduate to make sure I can afford private health care, because as upset as I am to say it, money does matter more than life.

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