"Praise for Antenatal Assessment Unit"

About: Northampton General Hospital (Acute) / Diabetic medicine

(as the patient),

Wwhilst I'm not scared of attending the Doctors I rarely feel I'm heard when I describe my symptoms. After having the Noro Virus 2yrs ago my child struggled to go to the toilet normally again for almost a year. When eventually we became concerned and attended the doctors it was put down to the fact my partner and I were overweight - not massively I might add, we are both well within the advised BMI for our height just not gym fresh. Regardless I fail to see the connection. My child is of a healthy weight and diet. It left me reeling with frustration.

When I started to have pain in my left side lower abdomen it was put down to me not eating 5 fruit and veg a day and trapped wind. I'm confident this is not the case. But just put up with the pain now as I find the lack of real input into even suggesting a scan etc to find out what may be wrong upsetting. Especially considering I had a smear test which came back inconclusive.

I therefore wish to praise the Antenatal Assessment Unit at Northampton General highly for their care and treatment of me since I was diagnosed with the gestational diabetes. I didn't understand it all at first and quickly became frustrated with trying to control my blood sugar prior to my first appointment but after receiving my testing kit. However from the first day I felt able to ask questions and talk and interact with the staff. Everyone I've seen has been so nice and welcoming. My little boy is very pesky and on some occasions I've had to take him with me to appointments but they have also been great with him and chatted to him and put him at ease (he thought he was there for him and got upset). Even during the group sessions you’re still treated like an individual and not 'battery farmed'.

My baby is due at the end of the month and I cant wait to meet him. I usually won’t attend the hospital without my partner as I feel so unhappy about talking to doctors etc but I'll happily attend this unit alone and feel completely at ease. The staff deserve a medal.

My only complaint (a tiny one) is that it’s always so hot in the waiting room, and I never dare open one of the windows or turn on a fan. But everyone is clearly baking and thinking the same thing lol, apart from that I really can't complain.

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