"I need help to get my life back on track"

About: Mersey Care NHS Trust

(as the patient),

I am absolutely appalled by the treatment I have received by the mental health services in Sefton. I have had problems for many years now and I think the treatment I have received has been rubbish. After returning to Sefton back in August I saw a psychiatrist who after discussing my difficulties told me that she thought I was emotionally unstable. She said that she would send me some information via post to explain a bit more about what that meant. This never happened! I was left to try to find some information online myself, which as you can imagine, did not really help that much.

She referred me for counselling with Inclusion matters. I was on a waiting list for about 4 months and then after seeing someone from there I was told that I would have to see someone else because it would be a further 8 months before I could receive treatment from them. After being referred on I saw someone from another team, I had four sessions and the counsellor admitted to me that there wasn't really anything she could do to help me as she did not have training in my condition.

After suffering a bit of a breakdown due to frustration with the lack of care amongst other things, I saw a psychologist. We discussed possible treatment options, all of which only being short term and with a massive waiting list which would not suit my needs as I feel I would benefit ore from something long term to help me cope with day to day problems. I also asked about getting a more firm diagnosis and was told that that was not available as there was no way of assessing people for problems like personality disorders (I do not think this is the case as I have spoken to many people online who have been given a diagnosis and been assessed through questionnaires like the MCMI iii). I have also spoken to my GP about the NICE guidelines for personality disorders which states that the same level of care should be given even if the diagnosis is only suspected and hasn't been formally given yet.

I have asked time and time again for help with my condition and it has not been offered to me. I keep getting responses like "there just isn't the funding for the type of care you need" or "there is no way to treat your condition" which I do not believe to be true as there seems to be many people in other parts of the country that are receiving help and there are the NICE guidelines.

I think the way patients are treated really needs to be looked at. I think that it is unacceptable that if someone is having difficulties just living day to day and there are guidelines on how to help them then these guidelines should be implemented. I would love nothing more than to get my life on track and get a job and be an active member of society but I know that I need a little help doing that. Unfortunately for me it seems this help is not available.

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