"My experiences visiting A&E with panic attacks"

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(as a carer),

This is my experience the last few months of Royal Bolton Hopsital.

A few months i experienced a big panic attack Having not experienced one before you can imagine how frightening it was. I arrived at Royal Bolton Hospital , assisted by three nurse/doctor I was bought into the cubical. As I struggled to breathe and was in tears , I felt as though the doctor had mistaken me for a drunk, he pushed my arms away and kept shouting “whets wrong with you.. why you crying for”.. Seconds later he turned to the rest of the nurses and doctors and said “ Ah , its just a panic attack”. This was followed by a sign from the nurses and doctors as the immediately returned to work. Then nurse that followed arrived 20 mins later. She was so forma and made no attempts to allay my fears.

This attack was followed by several more, which meant frequent trips to the hospital. The third trip again was a frightening experience, not only for my health, by the overall treatment of the staff of a&e. Not long after arrived I made my way over to the reception and was greeted angrily receptionist. Before I could even open my mouth they told me that wouldn’t be telling me where I was on the list because I wouldn’t be put forward. Taken back by this . I advised her that I wont be spoken to like that and I wanted her name. She refused to give me her name, so I made my way to the other nurses, to which she seemed to become hysterical. I had not seen anything like it coming from someone at the reception.

A lady immediately came over claiming she was the manager. I later learnt this woman wrote a letter to my doctor which I believe contained a few lies to cover for the receptionist, whom if was going to complain about a week back possibly?

Since then whenever my panic attacks got worse a lot of the staff would turn me away or make up stories so they would not have to deal with me. They would constantly tell me to go to see my doctor. My last experience was late at night. I was on a call to my mother and the attack happened, my mother yelled for me to go to the hospital. In pain and so screamed. I kept saying “i cant they kept telling me to go to the doctor”. In desperation my mother rang and was told by the managing sister that I could make my way down. I then called by and asked for the sister, but was told by a nurse that the sister wasn’t there. This made me more anxious. I said to the nurse that I told my mother not to call them because they always turned me away and if a person lied dead in a pool of blood, they wouldn’t turn to person and say go and see your doctor in the morning. Which is exactly true. The nurse immediately added to my notes that I was abusive.

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