"Feedback on my visit to A&E"

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(as the patient),

I developed 'labrynthitis', an infection of the inner ear, never had it before and did not know what it was. Symptoms are vertigo and vomiting at the slightest movement.

On arrival at A&E I was treated very well by the nursing and medical staff, they were kind and informative, particularly the A&E consultant. The exception was a member of the late afternoon or night staff, not sure which and I do not recall their name. They came and removed the canular from my wrist without a word and in a rather rough manner; they then handed my take home meds to my husband again without a word and went away. We continued to wait and they then returned to ask 'what were we waiting for?' My husband explained that we were not sure what was happening and they said 'you can go'.

They went away, did not ask if were able to get to our car and assess if we might need assistance or a wheelchair. At our request a porter provided additional vomit receivers. My husband had to practically carry me out of the unit, he propped me against a wall when I could walk no further (at 11.00 at night) and ran to get our car from the car park. As a doubly qualified healthcare professional myself, I am totally clear that the level of care I received at that time fell way below an acceptable standard of care and I found this member of staff’s cold and disinterested manner appalling. My husband and I are usually very capable and assertive but under the circumstances described, he was worried and I was very unwell and therefore considerably more vulnerable. I also think we were both in a state of shock or disbelief at her approach.

The point of me offering this feedback focuses on two issues; in my opinion as a HCP of 29 years experience, I think the clinician in question clearly has training needs that need to be identified and responded to, secondly I was left more aware than ever that, if I had been older, more ill and therefore more vulnerable what an awful and frightening experience this would have been. I still feel very angry about the experience and wish I had made note of the clinicians name as I would have made a formal complaint. However as I did not, I hope this feedback initiates some action to the benefit of future patients.

Many thanks

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