"Emergeny Admission Experience"

About: Glenfield Hospital

(as a relative),

My Husband collapsed, one morning and was rushed to Glenfield General Hospital, Corany Care Unit.

While the "Centre" of his "Technical Care", was very, very good,

I did have a few concerns, which I also think could be "Reviewed", in a far more effective and less costly manner.

I shal list my concerns, rather than giving "Chapter and Verse".

Name was added to Patient Board, Incorrectly, (Not his name).

The day after he was admitted, at midday, a Nurse came to place an, I D wristband and was shocked this had not already been done!

This she did, but, when Hubby looked, it showed someone else's name!

Personal Care was given, (this, when He was settled, as was appropriate).

Later, when I was alone with my Hubby, He asked me to help,in changing into sleep wear, which I did.

I am really upset to say, we found the standard of Personal Care given was absolutely appalling!

I was able to ensure this was carried out properly, but what if Hubby had been older, alone, more seriously ill, suffering Dementia? etc. etc.

(I can assure you, they would have been extremely sore).

No "Water Jug" was brought, certainly up to 8pm, when I left.

No one came to offer assistance with using a Bottle, to pass urine, after I had left and when my Hubby called to request, he was left holding the bottle, for 20 minutes, before he attracted a staff members attention, to ask for it to be emptied.

(Interestingly, when the two adjacent patients saw this, they both shouted accross, to ask for their bottles to be emptied, too).

No-one showed my Hubby how to call for assistance, (that was done by his family).

I understand the staff in such Wards are run off their feet, with Emergencies, so why don't they allow family members to carry out the tasks, which they are too busy to do, such as Personal Care, drinks etc?

and could they not get the Volunteers, to carry such tasks out for those Patients, who are alone?

Fortunately, My Hubby was able to be Discharged the following afternoon, but I write about this experience, not to "Dis", this fantastic Service, but to make others aware.

Did you also know?, the Pharmacy Service, at Glenfiel, closes at 2pm, on a Sunday, so if a Patient is able to be Discharged after this time and requires Medication, they are not able to be Discharged

I was actually looking for Glenfield's "Site", to give the above "Feedback", but couldn't find it, which is why I have written here.

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