"Worried about the care of my son"

About: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

(as a relative),

When you go into hosp. you expect to be treated with the correct drugs and given some sort of nursing care dont you ? My son was admitted with a liver complaint and found it difficult to eat, but when I fed him he at least ate some of the food (.Hosp. or my own) If I couldn’t be there he was given the food but there was no-one there to feed him, which he couldn’t do himself, so they just removed the tray ..untouched.

They have a policy on the floor he stayed on that no visitors are allowed in at lunchtime, so my son and other patients that I witnessed weren't fed at all. Needless to say he lost 3 stones in a very few weeks and ended up in ICU because of various things that happened to him.

Even more serious was the time he was given heart patients 7 drugs, including aspirin which is completely the wrong thing to give a liver patient, we were lucky they realised quickly or who knows what may have happened. He was also treated very badly by some of the nurses, and when challenged by me , denied any wrong doing, but I can tell you my son was left covered in blood and other bodily fluids on the floor of the toilet for 20 mins. After my son’s experiences the only wards I would trust are ICU and Thomas Macauley.

What has happened to our Matrons? They knew how to keep a tight ship. I need to go into hosp. myself but God forbid. My son caught 7 different infections in there. Incidentally this will be his 7th month of admittance; he is like a skeleton, except his tummy is massively bloated, and now he can walk only a few steps without vomiting. He is 20 times worse than when he went in. I did email chief of admin but I got no reply.

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