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(as a service user),

I would like to say a big thank you firstly to my care co-ordinator and Consultant who are both based at Somerset House. My care co-ordinator has just seen me through a horrendous time, and as a result subsequently co-ordinated further support for me through the IHTT based at the Airedale Centre for Mental Health over the past few weeks.

The timely support that I received from the IHTT (Intentive Home Treatment Team) helped me to focus on 'life' which kept me safe from acting out my thoughts/plan of 'death' which unfortunately I experience on a frequent - if not permanent basis! These thoughts are generally kept at bay by the fulfilment I get out of my job - and of course my family, although I often think they would be better off without me!!

My consultant has been brilliant in organizing alternative meds for me (previous ones not effective!) I also received support in changing my night meds from a nurse within the IHTT who liaised with my GP whilst my consultant was on A/L of which I really appreciated, so would also like to thank all the nurses within the IHTT (Airedale) that have had contact with me over the past few weeks.

Both the individual care package that I received from IHTT and the interventional support I regularly receive from my care co-ordinator has been invaluable to me managing my recovery i.e. not having an In Patient admission / being able to continue to work/ carry on my usual routine, I feel, has helped me to quickly regain a more positive focus on reasons to remain around.

I think this alternative to admission / intervention works well for me (and hopefully as well for others like me!) as it means we have to commit ourselves to being around at a certain time/certain place, and I for one don't like letting people down! (Once I make a commitment that involves someone else - I have to see it through).

I am really worried that the coalition cuts are going to cause a major impact on the level of MH service resources provided by BDCT, especially services within the community i.e. CMHT's, IHTT's, which I think may leave people being treated in the community at risk. Add on the present climate within our local commissioning structure (launch of re-commissioning process/contract termination within VCS providers) - and I'm worried that this will create an even higher level of risk for the most vulnerable, many of whom like myself are either employed within this sector, or resourcing support/care packages from a voluntary sector organization.

My only hope is that these said services and the resources needed to maintain them are seen as 'essential services' in contributing to the mental well being of the district as a whole.

Thank you once again BDCT (and BAMHAG) for keeping me safe.


Response from Bradford District Care Trust

On behalf of IHT, North Bradford CMHT and the Consultant Psychiatrist involved in your care we would like to thank you for your feedback. Our services always aim to provide person centred care that is flexible and adapted to an individuals personal situation. We are thrilled that you found this to be the case.

We believe the future of mental health services lies in providing care closer to home and keeping Service Users linked in to their local support networks rather than hospital admissions, which should be seen as a last resort. Although we are entering a difficult economic time, we believe our commissioners also support this view and will continue to do so in the new commissioning structure. We hope this will allow us to continue working side by side with groups such as BAMHAG to continue to improve health outcomes for Bradford District residents.

Finally, just to say we will share your comments with commissioners who will also find your posting very helpful

Thanks again

Service Manager

Update posted by BDCT Service User (a service user)

Thank you for responding to my feedback post, and offering to further share my comments with the commisioners of these services, who I hope will recognize the value of these much needed services - and their partners especially (as in relation to my case),what they contribute in by way of supporting the reduction / prevention of suicide.

Much appreciated

BDCT Service User

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