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"Unbelievably amazing service, people, and concept"

This clinic (and its sister clinic, Dean Street Express, which provides incredibly fast turnaround tests for common sexual illnesses) does an amazing service (particularly for the LGBT+ community, but really for anyone who is sexually active) and London is incredibly lucky to have it.

I went in for my monthly routine gonorrhea/chlamydia test at Dean Street Express today and forgot my patient card at home, yet they were still able to accommodate me and I was in and out within fifteen minutes during my lunch break mid-afternoon. I had my results by the time I was one drink into my date this evening. If this is not the future of sexual health, I do not know what is.

It's worth noting Dean Street is two clinics: Express being the clinic for symptomless patients wanting to get a test done and 56 Dean Street dealing with everything else, ranging from treating common STIs to their long-running PrEP clinic to trans* support groups. Express used to be walk-in, but cuts to the NHS by successive governments have led to them requiring patients to make appointments via a time-slot system the evening prior at 7 p.m. This is deeply unfortunate (and those appointments really do fill up really quickly), but very understandable given the pressure they're under. Most of my experience has been with Express, and always the staff have been deeply understanding, considerate, and helpful. The whole process is insanely quick and easy, and never at any point have I felt judged or made to feel like something's wrong with me. The research they're currently doing via the NHS PrEP impact trial is also incredibly valuable and possibly era-redefining in terms of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

tl;dr it is a model of what a modern sexual health clinic should be.

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