"never seen anything like this in our lives"

About: Royal Gwent Hospital / General Surgery

(as a relative),

my mum went into hospitalby ambulance on at the beginning of jan she colapsed we were taken to ae where the nurse came we were then left to sit in waiting area with a lot of patients who were waiting on stretchers.

The nurse brought specimen bottle for her said no beds took blood pressure. 2 men by us had been there hours with severe chest pain 10clock we got there my mum was ill no dr. about 7 they took her in a side room dr came and said she could have had epileptic fit we will keep her in no beds. 3 hours later she started to fit and we called for help they rushed her to resus where she had two more through the night next day. they moved her out to ae no beds said they were going to scan her waited allday no scan. next day dr come said she can go home.

in the 3 days we were there i have never seen anything like it. people were in corridors for several hours/ I also saw ambulance drivers complaining and some nurses that seemed overworked and complaining. I think we only should have been ae 4hours we were there 3 days. we stayed with my mum the whole time they discharged my mum without scans they said two were broke and that if she gets worse to go back.

she could hardly walk to the car we are now going to st josephs privatly to see specialist. she has worked all her life we were all upset. you cant blame nurses, in my opinion its the system. some of the nurses we spoke to were disgusted that we were in there for 3 days. 12 patients could have been helped they said everyone not just 1 or 2 but they were upset with what is happening.

another thing there a pears to be no food trolley for patients. she was offered beans and chips after 2 days then some dinner when she was being sent home. i canot put in writing how disgusted we all feel. i think something should be done. During our time in hospital there was no beds no food no scan no pillows. what are we coming to? they say about forein countrys but they seem to have got it right spain egypt dubai and they have to pay well so do we thank you from a very upset faily

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