"I feel I have been dismissed "

(as the patient),

I have had systematic medical examinations over the past 7 years..3 stays in hosp..been registered disabled for about 6 years..past 3 year have been hell..past year bedbound..many medical diagnosed diseases and many not!!

I feel I have been have been treated with no respect, and sometimes dismissed by the wave of a hand, not been believed many times, even with scientific proof, photo's, diarised entries, procedures, blood tests, MRI's etc., I believe some consultants have attributed my current medical problems to my difficult childhood and I think this has affected and been detrimental to my health and well-being, I believe they've shown a dis-regard for my traumatic physical health..

Last letter I received - sept 2010 - diagnosed connective tissue disease, cappileritus, and..Multi-system Disease adding prognosis not good..oh well thats okay then..it feels farcical..

I have never been abusive, I have had respect for all concerned, even of 'Lack of Resourses'..but, I have been rather a martyr..if I had not been persistant with the many symptoms and persuasive, I don't think I would have 'got' the last letter..

I have made many complaints mainly now with the NHS Ombudsman..this year has been horrendous..and I feel the staff who've dealt with me should take some responsibility and own up to making mistakes.

I believe this has affected how all medical personel 'treat' me..including my dentist!

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