"Poor treatment A&E Whiston"

About: Whiston A&E

(as the patient),

I went to A&E at Whiston hospital over the weekend with extreme back pain, hip pain and had concerns over a lump I had found on my back, near my kidney region.

I saw a doctor who examined me and could clearly see how much pain i was in when he touched my back. He expressed he had concerns over the pain, and thought it was either my kidneys or fallopian tubes. He questionned whether I'd ever had Gynae investigations and asked if I'd ever been checked for Endometriosis. I have not. I told him which painkillers I was already on, and explained that, due to another medical issue I was unable to take NSAID's such as Brufen.

I had blood and urine samples tested, which came back negative. The dr also sent me to x-ray for an abdominal xray. The radiographer explained they wouldn't do this xray due to the amount of radiation used, and explained they were to suggest an MRI scan to the doctor. In the end I had a lower back xray, which was apparently "Fine".

after a total of 6 hours in A&E I was told my kidney was in "spasm" and was told I'd be given some stronger painkillers than those that I was already on. Collected my tablets and went home.

There I realised that the painkillers were NSAID's so I rang the ward, when a nurse from EAU advised me NOT to take those tablets.

So I was left with weaker painkillers than I was on in the first place, with no explanation as to WHY my kidney was in spasm, HOW LONG it would last, and WHAT I could do to help. I was given no information whatsoever, which has meant I've had to make an appointment with my GP so she can explain everything that the doctor in A&E should have explained.

I am still in considerable pain and am completely horrified by the way I was treated. Furthermore, it seems that every trip to the A&E dept that I have turns out to be a horrible, negative and off-putting experience.

I'd also like to point out, that if the doctor truly was concerned about my kidneys and fallopian tubes, why was an MRI or ultrasound scan not carried out? A lower back xray is not going to show my internal organs in the light that he would have needed to make any proper diagnosis. I, in fact, doubt that my kidney is in "spasm". If it really is in spasm, why was I given painkillers I couldnt take, instead of anti-spasmodic medication?

I am not asking for an explanation on how A&E is run, or how busy it is or how many positive experiences people have, I want an explanation as to why and how this has happened.

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