"Unhappy with care for my wife at Kings Mill Hospital"

About: King's Mill Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as a relative),

My wife was advised to attend A&E by her doctor due to a occasional tight chest in pregnancy, she is 28 weeks pregnant.

The consultants were insistent that she may have a blood clot in her lungs so we agreed to a blood test, the initial test came back negative which was a relief, however the consultant was insistent on doing an arterial blood test he sent in a junior doctor who could barely speak english and didn't even realise my wife was pregnant.

To get the blood the doctor attempted twice in my wife's left wrist and gave up when my wife couldn't feel her hand anymore, then once in her right wrist at which point i said that's enough and asked why this was necessary, when her bloods came back clear from the earlier test and it was clear that the issue with her breathing was only apparent when she was sat or laid down (which we now know at this stage in pregnancy is common due to baby and uterus).

They didn't seem to care about any of the facts we gave them, didn't seem to care about my wife and the pain they were causing her. My wife got her coat back on, went to the desk, said she was leaving as she had enough of the treatment she was getting, the consultant then chased us down the corridors saying at the top of his voice "you may die".

I turned to him and said please just back off, leave us alone, he didn't he continued harassing us all the way down the corridor until a lady who i assume was from the directors office stopped him and said what are you doing?

This treatment was appalling. It's all well and good having a state of the art hospital but when the staff treat you like your a piece of meat they can prod and poke at their own convenience what is the point? We are off into Mansfield tonight for the christmas light switch, the consultant had better not be anywhere in sight.

My wife is now off work sick cause she can barely grip anything, Kings Mill seem to think a little apology goes a long way, not this time.

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