"Neuro-Vestibular Rehabilitation Service (Bolton)"

About: Bolton PCT / Vestibular rehabilitation

(as the patient),

If the title is unknown to you I am not surprised, I had never heard of it either. I was referred to this unit at Horwich Clinic by my Parkinson's Nurse for the dizziness I was experiencing. I became dizzy when I looked up or bent down and it would have probably gone worse. So if I bent down to look in the fridge I would almost topple over and the same when I looked up. I attended Horwich Clinic and the physiotherapist checked me out and said she was sure it was something that could be fixed by some simple manoeuvres. They put me on a bed which tipped up and held my head in various positions to allow the ear fluids to go back where they were supposed to be. After this treatment I just had to keep my head still for about 40 minutes and then I was fine. The day after I did have quite a rough day with my balance, but after that I was a lot better, but still having little bouts of dizziness. My follow up appointment was a month later when I was examined gin and found to need a second treatment. This time was fine and the dizziness left me completely. It was amazing that I could be cured with such a simple process. I have since had a further check and found to be fine. It is a pity more people do not get the chance to attend this clinic as I am sure many could benefit from it.

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