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(as the patient),

In November last year I experienced swelling and pain in my leg so went to A&E at Hull Royal Informary. The doctor took a look at my leg and told me he was certain it was DVT, but sent me home and asked me to go to my GP the following day to get a referral to the DVT clinic in Westbourne Avenue. I did this, the clinic carried out a scan but found nothing and informed me that it was muscle damage, to take pain killers and try to walk on it. I said that the hospital was certain it was DVT but I accepted their diagnosis.

About a month later I started to experience difficulty breathing so returned to the DVT clinic following their comment about being the experts. They agreed to see me despite it being late but informed me that I shouldn't worry because they didn't find DVT but should attend A&E at Hull Royal if I was concerned.

To cut a long story short I did attend A&E at Hull Royal and they found that I had multiple bilateral Pulmonary embolisms. Whilst in hospital I expressed concern about pain in my leg but I was still informed that it did not mean that I had DVT as there was several reasons I may have PE's, and If there was a DVT I was on warfarin so a scan was not necessary. Whilst in hospital there was a girl the same age as me but pregnant who had a similar problem, on her discharge from hospital she was informed that she would be discharged into the safe capable hands of the experts at the clinic as they know a lot more about DVT than some of the consultants in the hospital. I presumed the same would be said for me, however due to the fact that I had recently moved house and now live in Hessle and not Hull I was informed that the same could not be said for me and I would have to find a new GP in my area the day I was discharged who would be prepared to take my INR each day and I was not permitted to attend the clinic but a GP.

The sister at Castle Hill hospital was really helpful and she called my old surgery at Princes Avenue Medical Centre and the DVT clinic on Westbourne Avenue who both confirmed I was not allowed to attend there for treatement, even in the short term until I found a GP but had to find one asap in East Riding.

I did find a GP who agreed to do my INR but it wouldn't be for a weeks time, which was agreed by Castle Hill. During this time I returned to A&E due to severe pain in my leg but did not tell them about my PE's as I felt this was the only way I could get a scan. After spending from 8am in the morning until 6pm in a wheelchair in a corridor in Hull Royal they carried out a scan and they not only found the DVT but had to admit me to hospital because my INR was so low.

After 6 months, despite being on a dose of 10mg of warfarin and the doctors unable to acheive the desired INR or 2-3 I was taken off the warfarin without being seen my anyone at a hospital, clinic or specialist and now off work again due to pain in my leg and difficulties breathing.

I suppose I just want to know why, despite having the same symptoms as someone who lives in Hull and being diagnosed with a serious llness that I was informed could kill me can I not have the specialist medical attention I require and instead have to visit a GP who has admitted is unsure how to treat me due to the fact that I am only 25 and in good health despite this.

I am still suffering despite not being on medication and want to know who it is I can go to that may be able to help or just answer some of my queries because at the moment i am relying on other peoples blogs and experiences online and not actual medical advice.


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Response from Head of Adult Services, City Health Care Partnership CIC

Thank you Bobs for taking the time to provide your feedback. I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty accessing the services City Health Care Partnership currently offer. City Health Care Partnership is commissioned by NHS Hull to provide a range of services for patients who are registered with a NHS Hull GP, including the DVT service, and the Anticoagulation service. Our services will be extended to patients who move to the East Riding, as long as they continue to be registered with a NHS Hull GP. I am not sure if you are aware, but services and GP’s in the East Riding are commissioned by NHS East Riding, and therefore it is NHS East Riding who are responsible for service provision in your area.

Following your move to Hessle, had you remained registered with your GP at Princes Avenue, there would not have been a problem with you accessing the DVT service for further support with your DVT, or the Anticoagulation Service for your INR monitoring and dosing of your warfarin.

With regards to your continued problems with you INR and your previous episodes of DVT and multiple bilateral Pulmonary Embolisms, I would suggest you discuss this with you GP, and request to be referred to a haematologist who would be able to offer you further advice and support.

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Update posted by Bobs (the patient)


Thank you for taking the time to repond to my query and offer help. With regards to remaining registered with the Hull GP on Princes Avenue, when I was in hospital and gave them my address and the sister attempted to contact my GP for my INR monitoring the GP on Princes Aveneue informed her that I was no longer able to be registered with that surgery and had to find one in East Riding. Is this the general response if you move to a different area?

Thank you for the suggestion of the haematologist I'm going to my GP tomorrow because I am having troule driving due to cramp in my leg. I will suggest this to him then.

Thanks again.

Response from City Health Care Partnership CIC

Dear Bobs Thank you for your further comments. You are indeed correct and most practices would remove a patient from their list if he/she were to move outside their practice boundaries. There are some practices near the city boundaries who would see patients who live in the East Riding, but it is unusual for a patient to be allowed to remain on their GP’s list once they have moved away. I am sorry for any confusion over this. May I suggest that, if you have any query about your GP practice, you contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service for NHS East Riding on 01377 208823 or by email: pals@erypct.nhs.uk
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