"Worried that the pin has not been removed from my leg"

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(as the patient),

I broke my tib and fib in Dec 09 and was taken to St peters, my first experience at a and e was an x ray nightmare when they picked up my foot not supporting under my broken leg and practically bent my leg in half and yet it continues on.

I had surgery and a nail inserted, I found most of the nurses excellent and the stay not to bad, until I became an outpatient.

I have seen practically every surgeon during outpatient visits. I have been to 11 at present, and every time I go I wait 2 hours for the appointment. My concern began when I was told that a date should be arranged to have my pin removed, the next visit that the pin stays in, the next visit that a rebreak would be dangerous with the pin in so it should be removed, the next time that the broken leg wasn't healing so they may re operate, the next time how does it feel since the pin has been removed, the next visit that the locking nails should be removed.... Then that the break was fixed so the pain I'm in was a risk of surgery that was explained at the time.

OK so it is Nov 2010. The pin is still in. It has no locking nails, it’s inflatable. So why do I have to tell them this each time? I questioned them and they discharged me without saying so and therefore made it impossible to make a further appointment! Grhhhh!

I am 26 yrs old I work with horses, I train horses and teach people. I have a physical job and I was advised not to ride or I could re break as this is how it happened. They have made me worried about the risk of a problem from the pin, they said it should come out then they realised it wasn't the one they thought it was so they can't remove it. I'm sure they can!

I question this and they discharge me. I want the damn thing out, the bone is healed yet I'm in pain can't work properly and they put it in they can and should take it out if anyone can help me please do because I've done a lot of research on it and it can and should, given my higher risk career, come out. But if left in longer than 18 months is hard to remove and sometimes can't be removed!

Anyone please? Pissed off would be a good description of me right now :(

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