"Mixed experiences of giving birth at Royal Bolton"

About: Royal Bolton Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

I wasn't aware of this website when I gave birth 10 months ago at Royal Bolton. Having just found out I am pregnant again however, I feel my story is important to ensure the progress and development of the hospital.

At 11 days overdue I was a day away from an induction when my waters broke. I was extremely relieved as I personally wanted a natural birth as far as possible. The baby was back-to-back and not in position, so despite a check-up with the midwife that afternoon, I was assured that I was unlikely to progress much further and would almost definitely need an induciton the next morning. 3 hours later I was back at the birthing suite in agony.

I will summarise the rest as succinctly as possible, but my experience in the birthing suite was extremely disappointing. The midwife in charge was adamant I wasn't in progressive labour and seemed annoyed that I insisted on staying. An hour and a half later, following comments such as 'she's overreacting', 'the pain is a water infection not contractions' I was pleading to be taken downstairs for an epidural.

I appreciate the midwives in this section are aiming to encourage a natural birth, but her response of 'you'll be laughed out of the hospital if you expect one when you're not in labour' really upset me. Suffice it to say, when I went downstairs half an hour later I was fully dilated and ready to push.

I actually gave birth without any pain relief in the end, and was very pleased that I had. Upon changing midwifes (to one that believed I was in labour), I was 100 times calmer and felt much more in control. I cannot commend that midwife and the downstairs unit highly enough.

10 months on and, believe it or not, I want to try the birthing suite again! I can only hope that I don't get the same midwife... oh, and that when you pay for a private room they don't forget you're there.

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