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As I had my 20 weeks scan I was informed I had to much water around my baby..Which was quite worrying I got told that they will keep a eye on it every 3 weeks I went back for scans then when I was 30 weeks pregnant I found out I had diabetes finally after going in and out of hospital with not feeling well I was admitted to m2 which I found the staff tonne awful withe very rude and treated me like I shouldn't of been there I was upset and wanted to go home as my pregnancy carried on my blood sugers was getting higher and higher I rung them like they told me 2 on a numerous of occasions only to be told is your baby moving which he was then they didn't want to know 2 occasions they asked me to go to triage which I did only to be told to go home and rest I was being induced at 38 weeks baring in mind Iv never been induced before (have got 3 other children) I was terrified I was shaking I was really scared not 1 midwife explained the procedure half past 1 came on the day of the induction the midwife came to put the tablet in went all ok they said they will check me 12 hours later so 12 hours later another midwife came took it out and put another in see u in 12 hours again eventually 12 hours later the midwife said you can go down to delivery suite to have your waters broke we will come and get you hours passed aparently I was next to go this was at 3 in the afternoon my mum and partner stayed with me till 11pm when the midwifes asked them to leave at 3;45 Monday morning a midwife came and told me to get up get ur bags and come to the desk I started to panic I asked could I ring my partner and mum they replied u will have plenty of time to do that which I thought was very rude amyway so of I went to deliver suite the midwife I had explained what was guna happen now few mins later they explained I needed a cannula fitted which I agreed baring in mind I'm terrified of needles always have been they went out the room then came back they started to do it not only in the dark without any lights on but in my arm just above my hand so I asked why are you putting it there they said that's ur best vain never had 1 in there before in the end they couldn't do it so went to get a docter , 1st thing they said was try putting a light on why your doing it the docter did do it this time in the back of my hand that was fine then they broke my waters which went fine few mins later I started in absolute agony so requested a epidural they went to request 1, someone came with another docter to perform it 2 attempts it took the 1st 1 actually went into a blood vessel so tried again and sucseeded few hours past I was still in pain by this time I had a catheter in I remember looking down and seeing pure red blood in the catheter bag I knew something was wrong Docters kept coming in and out didn't really tell me much then 1 said your baby's back to back we think we willl scan you so he scanned me and he was back to back so I begged for a c section by this time I couldn't control my p

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Thank you for your feedback. I am so sorry to hear that your experience of our care has not met your expectations and thank you for bringing this to my attention.. We use all comments to feedback and make changes to our service and will learn from yours. Please accept my apologies for your upset and distress which it is never our intention to cause. It is difficult to respond fully to your comments without further details but I would be very happy to discuss your experience more fully with you and you may contact me on 01204 309083 if you wish to do so. Heather Rawlinson Matron for Antenatal Services.

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