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About: Watford General Hospital / Maternity

After having my waters break and contractions 2 mins apart

I Was in a lot of pain but the midwife who was present said they did not want to examine me as that would mean I would be admitted and they did not want me to be in case they ran out of space.I was very clearly in full on labor and there was no way I could of gone home. Eventually a different midwife examined me after I continually asked for this to be done.

Back to the midwife who had rudely tried to dismiss me, they would try asking or explaining things to me and would finish off the sentence, every time, asking " do you understand" in what can only be described as the most patronizing and belittling tone I have every been spoken to in.

My birth plan had clearly not been looked at as when I asked to go into the pool, I was told " well that takes twenty minutes" insinuating it was a chore for them to do, I didn't even get the chance to use the pool. While pushing the midwife told me to stop making a noise, as if I were a nuisance, when in fact I was in excruciating pain because I was giving birth! The midwife then asked my birthing partners several times to look while the head was coming out, after I had specifically said many times I did not want them to ask them.

After delivery I explained how I wanted to delay the cord clamping, this was completely ignored and they clamped it almost straight away leaving my partner extremely torn as he wanted to cut it but knew I wanted it delayed longer. Through this process I felt completely ignored, rushed and as though it was a pain for me to be there. Following this the midwife almost pulled me off the bed to deliver the placenta as I wanted to deliver it naturally but they said that it would take to long. They kept rushing me through this to push it out when in reality I had just had my baby and wanted to spend that time having skin to skin and seeing my new born.

After this awful birthing experience I lost a lot of blood and began to feel faint, I was told I had to stand up for the sheet to be changed then I could sit down but I almost passed out! I was then taken upstairs to delivery to have medication and stitches. I was not really told what was happening even though I asked many times. When I started to have the stitches my body uncontrollably shook, I think because of the blood loss etc. the midwife then kept nagging me to stop shaking. I explained I could not control it but it seemed to be more and more annoying to them.

When this was happened the room door was left open for anyone walking past to see, I do not feel I was treated with respect or dignity while at my most vulnerable . On Katherine ward my cathiter bag was never emptied and left on the floor. I had to drag myself to the bathroom to empty it or risk gettting an infection. A vile hca roughly pulled my catheter out but said it's not as bad as birth do I had to deal with it. I had to bed for painkillersI would recommend for anyone to go anywhere else other than here. Terrible and traumatic

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Response from Watford General Hospital

We are sorry to learn that your experience of our hospital was not as expected.

If you would like us to investigate this matter further on your behalf, please contact our colleagues in the PALS team on 01923 217198 or email PALS@whht.nhs.uk

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