"Night staff were absolutely lovely, but I found the day staff aggressive"

About: Medway Maritime Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

I was in for a laproscopic assisted vaginal hystorectemy at Medway Maritime Hospital. From the moment I got there I felt it was wrong.

I was told to get to the pre op ward for 10.30am only to be told I was last on the list for the surgery for that day and didnt need to have been there until 12pm, also I could have had some breakfast. So already not happy and already very nervous at having my op. I found the staff at the desk blank of emotion, I didn't feel they showed any interest or any sign of a friendly personality at all. So I felt uncomfortable and a pest as it happens.

Then a lady came to measure me for the stockings... as I found out later when my legs felt really uncomfortable the day after surgery the stockings were 2 sizes too big, and I was told this would be reported as it could have damaged my blood flow.

Having had the surgery I was then in Ocelot ward, and the night staff were absolutely lovely, cant fault them, but I felt the day staff that I saw were aggressive and so matter of fact and unfriendly it was awful.... there was one very nice nurse was called Bernice and she is a lovely, gentle kind lady...but the rest of the day staff were in my opinion awful. I felt they were harsh in their speach and came across as very hard. For instance, my wound where my drain was placed had been leaking, and it had been written by the night staff for the day staff to change it in the morning. I went all day, buzzed more than twice and the nurse just got cross as the buzzer got stuck and actually swore..... all I kept getting was we have emergencies will do it later. Well for my entire stay of fri to monday afternoon that dressing never got changed and had soaked thru and across my underwear and was so uncomfortable. I gave up asking as it was pointless. The only time that came off was just before I was to go home as with all the other plasters.

I also had a bent needle in my hand which was really hurting and had asked for it to be looked at, the nurse said that has to stay there just in case.... so I called over a registrar as soon as I saw one who instantly took it out and said if it hurts it's in wrong... and they said my veins were perfect if another was needed. It made it awful getting in and out of bed as I had a bent needle digging in me, the sides on my bed were left down after it was made so I had nothing to hold on to to ease myself out, it was such painful hard work.

I was glad to get out of there if I am honest... the nicest nurse on that ward on the night shift is a darling little lady.... very kind, gentle and attentive... a real little gem.

So as you can see my stay I feel was a difficult and uncomfortable one, and some of it I think uncalled for....

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