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"Lost all confidence in NHS team at LGI Maternity"

About: Leeds General Infirmary / Maternity care

ScRemongered into induction. Lasted all of 4 days before baby appeared! Only day before due date!

Midwives were nice and professional. But had to swap midwives due to the shifts swap. Wasn't too happy with this !

Didn't have a toilet in my own room!

Epidural top up after top up. Not effective, and seemed haphazard .

On the 4th day. Had to beg to get her out! Finally took me for forcep delivery and had episiotomy!

The surgeon seemed to have trouble getting baby out and had to ask for assistance from another surgeon! This did not fill me wit confidence!

The anaesthetist ended up giving too much spinal block so that I couldn't even lift my arms to hold baby as she came out!

Midwife had a look of panic on their face ! And oh forgot to bring the drip meds I was meant to be hooked To during this procedure! Agsin confidence in the NHS teAm was on the floor!

What a shambles!

After all that. My baby girl arrived but wit a bloody scrape on her nose. From the forcep blades I was later told! It will most likely scar her face!( still beautiful in my eyes , least I can be thankful it could have been worse in hindsight!

I wish id have known I was getting someone inexperienced before they got me to sign the disclaimer , especially as I was drugged up and in no fit state to be signing forms! .

Aftercare was awful! No mention of how to look after my episiotomy wound! Ended up with strepB infection which could have passed to baby but they did t seem concerned enough to test her for this! What a joke!

8 weeks on I have granuloma where wound is! And still in pain!

So traumatic. Esp the aftermath !

No one bothers to tell u in hospital to prepare you for what happens during recovery!

Post natal ward so cramped and boiling! Felt like a conveyor belt service! No amenities room available ! I was willing to pay extra !!

All in all if I ever go through this again I'll remember doctors don't always know best , and definitely won't be goimg to LGI!

Even parking was a night mare!!

Need to do better!

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