"Some good and some bad at New Cross Hospital"

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(as a relative),

I haven't named the individual depts, numbered them as i remember the incidents.

Took 8 months of hospital appointments - leading to discharge to another department. Only to be later diagnosed by another department as stage 2 cancer. Quick with the diagnosis at this dept, delays in treatment though - due to admin.

Visit a dept for 8 months for appts with a consultant and his team. They fail to pick up that patient has cancer all because they didn't scan two inches further down. Patient presented classic symptoms for referred cancer pain.

dept 2 - short staffed. some excellent caring nurses. some lazy ones. took three requests over three hour wait for some pain relief... couldn't even arrange that! excuse that they needed to ask the doctor first, he's walked past them twice within the three hours.

dept 3 - a patient accidentally hit the nurse buzzer. relative went over to desk to let them know was an error. four nurses sitting an chatting over an alarm not one could be bothered to get up and ask relative if everything ok. was over an hour before a sweet auxillary nurse came over and asked if everything was ok. she wasn't one of the four.

dept 4 - quick diagnosis, excellent consultants, poor admin and secretaries caused serious delay in carrying out an important test. over 8 weeks before treatment started as they messed up on this important test. need an admin team who can tell the difference between urgent/fast track appts and routine ones. maybe they should join dept 2 and they'd have all the useless staff in one place. makes easier to assess the hospital.

dept 5 - investigatory procedure, turned into on the spot treatment which is good as saved patient going in again. doctors performed laser surgery in the stomach. but nurses failed to mention this to patient and was sent home without any aftercare advice... even though the relative who attended with the patient specifically asked if anything was done as patient had been gone for several hours for what was a 30min scan. patient went home with no knowledge consumed some solid food (healthy food, no junk!) and vomited violently, suffered from severe cramps. hopefully no permanent damage.

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