"Potts puffy tumour - I am unique and alive thanks to the doctor at the Hallamshire :)"

About: Royal Hallamshire Hospital

(as the patient),

I was 16 and it was just turning into the new millenium and i was feelng fine, i was a waitress at my mums pub/restaurant, but the next day i woke to find my face had swelled up like the elephant man , it had looked as though i had gone 10 rounds with mike tyson!! we just thought i had had an allergic reaction to something so i stayed in for the whole sunday !!

on the monday i went to school my face had gone down like nothing had gone wrong, but again the saturday after the same thing happened again and again we thought i was allergic to something so my mum booked me in to see the doctors, but by the monday my face had gone down again so there was nothing the doctors could do for.

by the time the weekend had come back again i had acquired some new symtons:- shivering; when it was roasting, loss of appitite, a slight rash, and a massive headache, and my eyes keep puffing up so as i couldnt see out of them so when this all came up at once my parents took me straight to the doctors and they just took one look at me and sent me straight to the hospital which in turn sent me for a CAT scan and tests and then i got to go for a ride in an ambulance to royal hallamshire where I met a doctor who then told me that I had POTTS PUFFY TUMOUR and that I only had 2 hours to live but not to worry because they were going to operate on me and save me :)

all i remember is looking up to my mum and my auntie and saying that i love them both but i aint going knowwhere until my dad gets there as he had taken my younger sister to her friends house. He was there within minutes and he came in with me as far as he was allowed and they waited about 10 hours i think they said and i came out and here i am today....

what it was was i had the cold, and instead of the virus coming out of the nose like it should do it had infected the right frontal bone so the first operation i had they cleaned the bone and put it back but unforunately the virus came back and infected me again so i had to go back and go under again but this time they took the bone out.

that was in the march, in the june i had a major car crash and was lucky to survive it as i had no bone in my head!!!, in the august i had a titunium mesh plate fitted in the place where my bone shouldve been. i have only had to go back once to get get the screws tightened lol

thanks to the doctor and his team i live to write this tail thank you all xoxo

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