"Vulnerable adult training."

About: Basildon University Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as a relative),

My frail 87yr old mother had an accident on her mobility scooter two days ago, she became trapped beneath it, an ambulance was called by a neighbour at 4pm. She was taken to A&E Basildon Hospital, dazed by the whole incident she was unable to remember any contact numbers, although an address was given for my brothers family (in Lee Chapel South) an approximately 5 minute drive from the Hospital. No one apparently attempted to contact them, nor any of our extensive family, though this would not be difficult as we have an uncommon surname.

So she sat in A&E for five hours on her own, one cup of tea offered though no food. One point in the department favour is that they had wanted to admit her as she had sustained a fractured Rt Humerus (upper arm) Arm now in a collar and cuff, she apparently persuaded staff that she had someone at home, which she didn't, transport via ambulance was arranged she was taken home at 9.30 pm an empty house. The first anyone knew about the event was the following morning.

1. Why did no one attempt to contact a family member, to verify home arrangements and to advocate on her behalf?

2. She had one drink offered in a five hour period and no food? she went from lunchtime to the following morning without eating.

3. In my opinion using an ambulance to take her home was a waste of NHS resources, when she has more than a dozen family members nearby who could have transported her home.

4. Do you have Vulnerable Adult training within the A&E, if not why not?

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