"Recurrent Miscarriage and tests"

About: Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

My wife and I have been unfortunate to go through 3 consecutive miscarriages.

The nurses and midwives were very caring.

We have experienced lots of upsetting situations however with the investigation unit following the events.

Miscarriage tissue which was supposed to be analysed went mysteriously lost after the 3rd time.

Frustration was over the roof, upsetting was all over us, this types of mistakes just make you feel worthless.

This wasn't the only upsetting situation.

We were put into the care of a special treatment to try and avoid further miscarriages.

The person who we was our contact for the main consultant looking after us is never reachable for questions or for anything else.

Any email is answered after lots of delays and always get the cold shoulder.

Our contact seems to be always on holiday and no one can respond on their behalf.

I can only describe this moments as a nightmare.

For some reason my wife ovulation stopped and her cycle started being very unstable.

Potentially it could have been due to stress, or could have just been any other reason.

She did some blood tests only to find ourselves to wait weeks to get an answer on the results as again the only contact lady is probably away again or who knows.

Time is running out for us as well, so sense of urgency for them isn't common sense either.

I can't even begin to tell the amount of anger and frustration we had to go through with these services.

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Response from Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

Thank you for getting in touch. This sounds like a very difficult time for you and your wife, and we would like to be able to look into your concerns further. Please could you call our Patient Experience Coordinator in Women and Children’s on 020 8296 2441 so we can address the issues raised. Thank you.

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